Sofa Disassembly

We specialize in taking apart sofas.  If your chair can't fit through the door, stairwell or elevator, there is no reason to replace it.  New York apartments weren't made for large bulky furniture.  Narrow entrances, spiral staircases and low ceilings can all make furniture moving difficult.  This service has been around for ages even though many people have never heard of it.  Sofa disassembly is a safe and fairly inexpensive alternative in the long run.  The pictures below are of recent sofas that have been disassembled.

Our technicians can take apart your sofa, sofa bed (sleeper sofa), chaise lounge chair, recliner, love seat and chair.  We work with chairs of all materials: leather, suede, vinyl, microfiber, cotton and  the like. The chair will be unharmed and will look the same as it did before.  We work with brand new furniture as well as the ones already in use.

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We can help you out with whatever situation you may have.
We work with all types of scenarios. We can help if your couch needs to be:

  • transported to your home then disassembled outside
  • disassembled outside, lifted up flights of stairs then assembled in your apartment
  • disassembled in your apartment carried up/down flights of stairs then reassembled in front of your house
  • disassembled then disposed of outside
  • disassembled and moved to a different room

What ever your situation is our technicians will have no problem accommodating you.

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